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About Us

Welcome to Al Ahd Building Metallic Industry


Established in 2013, Al Ahd began its operations in Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a commitment to innovate and manufacture quality products while providing world-class quality services. The founder had set high standards in this field. He demanded nothing less for safety and decided to create a company that would match the high standard he had set.

Al Ahd provides various kinds of fire cabinets, fire rated doors, aluminum and stainless kitchen and systems that include custom-made materials. Since establishment, Al Ahd has expanded to become one of the largest professional companies in this field.
Al Ahd has expanded and holds a strong international presence. Al Ahd now has become the go-to solution for today's needs in the market and offers high quality international standard products. Al Ahd caters for markets inside United Arab Emirates as well as other international markets.

With high-quality products and high standards in customer service, Al Ahd has established great business operations and now operates globally with capacity for any sized project. To inquire about any product or services please visit our contact page and leave us a message. One of our agents will be in contact with you as soon as possible.